Josh Babetski

Quixotic + Bravado = Quixado

Family. Community. Technology. Travel. Soccer. Media. Games. Gadgets.

Austin, Texas

Projects & Pursuits


17 years ago, I founded Collective Detective, a global community which connected people in fun, entertaining, and social ways to solve immersive mysteries. The project then evolved into a small studio for interactive engagements and personal efforts. In recent years, things have been dormant to focus on other endeavors. There's always something weird going on in Austin, so I'm currently kicking around a new project that might be worth checking into at some point in the future – but not right now.

Supporting Austin Soccer and Austin Soccer Supporters

Austin Anthem
Founder / President

Founded in 2013 as MLS in Austin, Austin Anthem is the supporters group for Austin FC and the community that helped bring a Major League Soccer team to Austin, Texas. Become a member. Support Together!


Supporters Union promotes and assists soccer supporter groups, organizations and charitable soccer-related efforts in the Austin, Texas area. The city is home to many diverse fanbases from all over the country and the world.

American Outlaws: Austin Chapter
Member of Leadership Team

The American Outlaws Austin Chapter is the local supporters group for the United States National Soccer teams. I've held multiple roles within the organization from managing Chapter Communications to Chapter President. I currently act in an advisory capacity to the leadership team.