Josh Babetski

Quixotic. Bravado. Quixado.

Family. Technology. Travel. Soccer. Media. Games.

Austin, Texas


Current Projects & Pursuits

Handsome Logo

Chief Operating Officer / Director of Production

I oversee production at Handsome, a user-centered design and development agency in downtown Austin. We produce custom digital experiences and web and mobile based software products.

Collective Detective Logo

Consultant / Independent Projects

Since 1998, I've created, collaborated, and consulted on a number projects, performing development, product design, and experience strategies. In 2002, I founded Collective Detective, a global community which connected people in fun, entertaining, and social ways. That became our mission. Collective Detective is now a micro-agency for interesting projects and pursuits. We currently produce the Supporters Union and MLS in Austin sites.

Supporting Austin Soccer and Austin Soccer Supporters

Supporters Union Logo

Founder of Supporters Union, a directory of soccer supporter groups in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to recruit, connect, and collaborate to better empower and demonstrate the size of our soccer market – while we continue to grow it.

American Outlaws: Austin Logo

Communications manager for the Austin Chapter of the American Outlaws, a supporters group for the United States National Soccer teams. I'm a member of the leadership team and manage member communications and online social engagement.