Josh Babetski

Quixotic + Bravado = Quixado

Family. Design. Technology. Travel. Soccer. Media. Games.

Austin, Texas

Projects & Pursuits

Chief Operating Officer

I oversee operations and production at Handsome, a user-centered design and development agency in downtown Austin. We produce custom digital experiences and web and mobile based software products.

Mystery Consultant

15 years ago, I founded Collective Detective, a global community which connected people in fun, entertaining, and social ways. Things have ben quiet while I've focused on other endeavors, but there's always something weird going on in Austin – that might be worth checking into soon.

Supporting Austin Soccer and Austin Soccer Supporters


Supporters Union is a directory of soccer supporter groups in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to recruit, connect, and collaborate to better empower and demonstrate the size of our soccer market – while we continue to grow it.