2020 Uber Diplomat Award Winner.

In fancy-talk, I lead enterprise client engagements across a number of verticals for an experience-driven consulting and delivery firm.

In human words, I manage a portfolio of user-centered research and design projects at a company with a German-spelling for "project" that has already taken and passed the 101 college lesson. My projects are mostly for the Austin office's largest client, who is also based here in the technology sector.

Our business team works on engagement strategy, making sure we're delivering value and kicking ass doing it, and finding new and exciting ways of working together that helps grow business for everyone.

Our delivery teams do all the heavy lifting. I'm just someone fortunate to work with crazy-talented folks. Most of what we work on involves:

  • Experience Strategy and Insights, which is fancy talk for research and spelling out a better way to do that thing the client wants, then also recommended even more mind-blowing things they weren't
  • Experience Design, which is manifesting these strategies and ideas into wireframes, workflows, interactive designs, and creations that go right to Technology teams to build

Over the past few years, we've created a portfolio of personas that are now used company-wide, marketing and sales books, produced marketing videos, conducted research on a number of enterprise and consumer-facing business objectives, and designed everything from technology demos to design systems and frameworks.

The people I work with do amazing things and I'm the "guy in the chair" helping make sure they can do them.