The Library

Previously on the program.

Here's a back catalog of some of the more notable pursuits and endeavors I've worked on in the past – and some I may again in the future.

Every experience has built upon the last. It forms the foundation for all of the things I'm working on today.

Immersive Technologies and Social Communities

Creating and Growing Austin Soccer Supporter Communities

Moving to Austin as a soccer fan, I quickly started creating awareness that this was a bigger soccer market than it looked like from the outside. I wanted a Major League Soccer team to live where I did. The plan:

  1. Get to know soccer fans. I joined the AO:Austin leadership group and got involved with the Austin AzTeX – the USL team at the time
  2. Create awareness that Austin is a soccer city through Supporters Union
  3. Founded the organization and led the advocacy campaign for MLS in Austin, which later became Austin Anthem and led the community movement to secure Austin FC as the city's first major league sports franchise

And… it worked!